But still, welcome to my blog.

I've started so many blogs and spent so much time thinking about how to welcome people and then leaving the blog in oblivion that i'm sure that, when i'm about to die, and my life flashes before my eyes, at least 7 seconds are gonna be about me creating blogs that i never used.

And still, i've learned little about it, for instance i never introduce myself, so i'm gonna give myself a kickstart and talk a bit about me, to contractually bind my mindset to this blog and see if that makes me take it seriously, else, i'll try just giving me a kick and maybe that works best

Who am i?
I'm a Mexican creator, coder, former Java enthusiast, current JavaScript evangelist, eventual Python tinkerer and Ruby aficionado, I'm a beer guy, dog person, gamer, entrepreneur (that sounds good so I just included it without giving it much thought), i suck at social media and have a hard time actually addig value with the things i say, but accept the fact that we all are, in an eternal road of improvement on each and every area of our lives.

I care a lot about people, but at the same time i hate how stupid humankind can be, i care deeply about the planet, and try engaging people, specially tech people on ideas that could help save a bit our struggling spaceship, I don't care much about religions and stuff that usually sets the world at war.

I like creating stuff, i try really hard to like traveling, but i think the most useful piece of information you can get from this is, i love coding, learning and sharing knowledge, there we go, so expect that from this blog.

And yes, one would think i got better at writing this welcome message after a few iterations, i haven't xD.